About Genuine Treats

I don’t have a culinary degree. I don’t have any classes under my belt. I simply just love trying new recipes and baking up a storm. For years I have created different goodies for countless birthdays, showers, and holidays. Heck, even an overdue hangout if I’m in need of some kitchen time. A couple years back I did the baking for our wedding and realized it was becoming much more than a pastime. I’ve since designed cake toppers and banners, calling out my inner crafty. There’s just something about a themed party isn’t there?

Ironically, my everyday life involves continued health and fitness. As a kinesiologist I help people become healthier at work and home, and try to conquer my own goals with a couple hours at the gym. The one thing I know is that it’s all about b.a.l.a.n.c.e., so eat that cupcake and enjoy it.

Based out of Ottawa, genuine (tr)eats is all about those homemade eats and treats we’ve longed for, but no longer have the time to create. Let me help make your vision a reality, from pretzels to brownie pops, cakes to energy bites! Just a little bit of homemade goodness to make that occasion even more special. Thanks for stopping by!

♥ Sarah


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